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Trekking and hiking


Socotra is a paradise for lovers of trekking, the unique environment of the island directly beckons for an adventurous and exciting exploration of its exotic beauties.

How about crossing the island from north to south with camels and local Bedouins?

There are plenty of options for which route to choose. Practically everywhere you move in protected areas, you also pass between Bedouin villages, where local experts / Bedouins who have the given area under their and government management can introduce you to Socotra in its full beauty and reveal its mysterious corners. It is a great opportunity to get to know different types of Socotra landscape.

Conquering the highest mountain regions of the Hajhir/ Hagher, Farah, Skand Mountains and descending to the south coast through a beautiful and unique location is one of the strongest experiences and wishes of every more active tourist.

The transition itinerary is our "know how"

  • 4 days through the highest Socotran mountains/ I also offer a shorter option of 3 days. 
  •   all equipment is transported by camels, easy going
  •   good physical condition required

* do not hesitate to ask for more information


Inland Socotra is the most interesting place for treks and walks. For example, on the way to Dixam plateau or between the canyons, overlooking the horizon of the Fermhin Forest, which contains the largest concentration of these unique trees you can observe whole forests composed of the endemic dragon’s blood trees (Draceana Cinnabari). These trees are among the oldest ecosystems on Earth. They look like a gigantic mushroom or an umbrella. The red-colored sap of the so-called Dragon's blood is collected by local residents for its medicinal and cosmetic effects.

The trees create fascinating groves that will fill you with nostalgia and calm your nerves. On the horizon, you will see the mountains, which could remind you of the prehistoric times. The sunsets will then create amazing and even bizarre images of shadows and light. During the day, you can refresh yourself in many small lakes on the rocks, formed from the brooks flowing in the valleys of Socotra. One of these lakes, situated in Wadi Dirhur Canyon, is a refreshment point on the stony route through the spectacular landscape.

The highest mountain, Skant (the Haghier Mountains), is a great challenge for all skilled hikers. Especially the descend through Wadi Ayhaft into the coastal area is one of the most remarkable experiences Socotra offers.

For the bravest and fittest, it is possible to cross the island during a five-day trek from north to south or from south to north. It is a great opportunity to get to know different types of Socotra landscape.

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