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People and Villages

The people of Socotra are similar in appearance to people from southern Arabia. Over the centuries, other African nations also arrived here, mostly from Somalia and also Indians. The most densely populated area is the northern part of the island around the capital Hadibo. Conversely, the southern coast of Socotra is much less populated.

The inhabitants live in stone houses, which are robustly resistant to the effects of the weather, especially in the monsoon months. In 2015, when Hurricane Chapala hit Socotra, many villages and ports were destroyed. The damage caused by the hurricane is still visible today. The villages of Socotra are small, in the mountains and in remote places they are mostly inhabited by only one extended family.

The people of Socota are very hospitable and at the same time modest, friendly and peaceful.

Although you will also encounter great poverty on the island, be prepared for incredible hospitality and inquisitive looks from the locals.

Due to the fact that the island is small and not densely populated, there is a great and specific social control among the local inhabitants.

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