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Private tours/ Expeditions


please NOTE: A very early reservation for these flights is necessary, some dates are booked several months in advance!

LOW COST Expedition /8 days camping tour is from 1100 USD/ per person/ depends on the number of passengers !

  1. from the end of September to May it is possible to visit Socotra
  2. direct flights from ABU DHABI to SOCOTRA island with AIR ARABIA / every Tuesday and Friday /the stay on Socotra is possible for 5, 8, 11, 12, 14 days
  3. It doesn't matter if you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family or a group of friends
  4. you can choose between a tailor-made tour or one of our proven itineraries
  5. will provide a large number of completely specific activities on the island - diving, fishing, GT fishing, special tour for photographers, biologist and nature lovers
  6. Booking is required well in advance, these are not commercial flights and the number of tickets per week is strictly limited !
  7. we also cooperate with tour operators and organizations supporting tourism in Socotra, just contact us : or, WhatsApp: +420777250401
  8. 11days, 12days or two-week tour is also possible

One week Tour "The best of Socotra"

  • 8 days/7 nights on Socotra , the intensive program includes a visit to the most interesting places that the island can offer!
  • Light treks into the interior of the island with swimming in the wadis
  • Unique endemic fauna and flora
  • Ascents and explorations into unexplored caves
  • Swimming and boat trip to the most beautiful beaches of the island
  • Snorkeling (diving) in the national reserve
  • You will get to know and visit places that other companies do not offer in the program/itinerary
  • Visiting villages/meeting with local people
  • 1 nights in Hadibo Hotel /Eco Lodge near capital/ or Caravans –  last night (possibility of exchange), 7 days camping in wild nature ( if 8 days tour )
  • The program is complete including full service/ quality full board/ new 4x4 cars/ drivers/ local guides/ rental of all camping equipment, tents, mattresses, blankets, pillows/ unlimited water/ soft drinks

Why should you go to Socotra with us?

  • we have been successfully organizing and guiding tours in Socotra for over 12 years
  • we specialize in the quality of the services provided, not the quantity of tourists in one group.
  • Our licensed agency Socotra Exclusive Tours, based on the principles of ecotourism, contributes to the protection of the environment, supports local communities, respects the values of local culture and guarantees that you will help improve the quality of life of local people in all areas of Socotra visited.
  • Because we understand the demands of tourists who have unlimited dreams to discover as much as possible, we can provide exclusive tours, accommodation and other services.
  • You can expect the highest possible level of service quality at the best prices.
  • complete service will be provided by local drivers, guides and cooks who have been vetted for many years
  • you will camp and swim in the most beautiful (and secret) places of Socotra
  • you will enjoy great local food and get to know the culture of local families
  • we know all the corners of the island, we try to provide the best experiences for each participant
  • you will get to know and visit places that other companies do not offer in the program/itinerary
  • if it is even a little bit possible, we occupy only 3 tourists in 1 car 4x4 = for more comfort
  • we provide exclusive service in Socotra, we drive in brand high quality Toyota Landruiser cars, we provide chilled drinks and 2 x daily hot meals (on most days)

What can you do in Socotra?

  • observe diverse, unique and endemic fauna and flora
  • walk, trek (hiking or trekking with camels)
  • relax on the beaches, sunbathe, snorkel
  • explore caves
  • camping, swimming in wadis and observing the stars of the milky way
  • conquer the dunes
  • take a boat trip to the most remote and inaccessible places on the island of Socotra
  • take photos (even professionally) and you can fly a drone
  • observe or swim with dolphins, sharks or among stingrays
  • get to know local families and culture
  • fishing or special GT fishing on Socotra
  • Dive


  1. plan your trip well in advance (ideally 6-8 months in advance, especially if you are a group)
  2. air connection with Socotra is only once a week / currently every Tuesday and Friday/ weekly tickets are limited, so far only around 100 tourists from all over the world reach the island per week
  3. you love adventure, camping, nature, mountains, trekking and learning, this is the right choice for you
  4. you love beautiful beaches and just want to relax and visit the most beautiful places of Socotra, this is the right choice for you
  5. you don't like camping, you want to spend the night in a hotel/or Eco Lodge in the capital Hadibo and you want to get to know the island and enjoy the beauty of the island in a different way? Yes, that is also possible, it is the right choice for you.
  6. if you are looking for first-class hotels, restaurants, comfort and service, find another destination



Direct flights from ABU DHABI to SOCOTRA island with AIR ARABIA / twice a week every Tuesday and Friday /
Flight ticket to SOCOTRA season 2024/ 2025

Abu Dhabi to Socotra, flight NO 476, AUH 09:00 - SCT 10:20
Socotra to Abu Dhabi, flight NO 477, SCT 11:50 – AUH 15:05

  1. the ticket cannot be booked online, the assistance of a licensed company from Socotra is required for reservation and payment
  2. for more information contact me: or, WhatsApp: +420 777 250 401
  3. booking is required well in advance (usually 6 months in advance), these are not commercial flights and the number of tickets per week is strictly limited
  4. of course, I also provide a visa, which cannot be obtained on-arrival, processed at least three weeks before departure

The flight schedule for the new season can be changed and specified!


VISA Formalities

  • Visa applications fee/150USD/person - We will take care of the entire process of obtaining a visa for you, it takes a few days and you just need to send a copy of your passport.
  • Formalities regarding the permission to enter Socotra can be administered only by an licensed agency situated in Socotra.
  • Please contact us and we will help you with all processes and requirements.
  • Be aware that your passport must not contain Israel visa or Israel entry/exit stamp!
  • Visa cannot be arranged “on arrival”; i.e. after arriving to Socotra.

Map of the Socotra Island

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