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The unique image of this surreal landscape is made up of the iconic dragon's blood trees (Draceana Cinnabari). A third of the local plants cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Another typical representative of the Socotra endemics, which bizarrely completes the landscape, is the desert rose succulent, or bottle plant in Czech. You will also get to know other rare trees such as cucumber trees or frankincense trees.

The varied vegetation is followed by mountains rising to a height of 1500 meters, as well as granite massifs pierced by unexplored caves, which show another hidden face of nature. Or the three-meter-high sand dunes formed over centuries by monsoon winds and the limestone plateaus creased by mighty canyons and wadis penetrating the mountainous interior.

Testimony to the amazing ingenuity of nature is also small animals, up to 90% of which are also endemic, and all this thanks to the long-term isolation of the island together with the very limited presence of people. If you're lucky, you'll spot a rare civet or chameleon.

You will also be captivated by the underwater world, the species diversity of which far exceeds that of the Red Sea. Dolphins, giant sharks that feed on plankton, stingrays or turtles together with many species of rare fish and corals form a unique ecosystem and a colorful world under the surface.

So you can also look forward to an underwater adventure and exploring a natural aquarium.

It is therefore no wonder that Socotra is nicknamed the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.

Virgin untouched nature, it breathes on you and the afterlife gets under your skin in its unmistakable way, miles away from the over-technological world of the West. Even the sunset itself, watching the sky full of thousands of stars or the evenings scented with sea air are a really strong experience in Socotra.

Socotra will offer you much more......

It will also offer the incredible hospitality of the local people, living modestly and in harsh climatic conditions, with strong ties to families and communities, where they do not see each other as competitors, but together they need and help each other.
Living happily and with a smile on their face, dependent on the inhospitable conditions of the island.

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