Socotra 2015

Socotra Socotra Socotra Socotra Socotra Socotra

Socotra 2015 – 5.4 - 16.4. 2015

Extra date - 12 days, 9 nights (7 days on Socotra island - hotel, camp, tent, 2 nights in Sana'a) - The highlights of the island, max. 8 people

Socotra 2015 – 31.10. – 12.11. 2015

Flight over Dubai with Yemenia Airlines, departure from Vienna or Prague. The highlights of the island, 12 days, 10 nights (hotel, camp, tent), max. 12 people

Socotra 2015: 2.1. – 15.1 2015

The highlights of the island, 14 days, 12 nights (hotel, camp, tent), max. 12 people

The itinerary is suitable for those who wish to explore the island with experienced guides and travel with an organized group of tourists. Moreover, by travelling with us you will lessen your travel expenditure.

The itinerary can be tailored to your own requirements and the group can be divided accordingly. If you choose to travel with us, there will be a Czech speaking guide at your disposal. The itinerary for tourists is all-embracing, containing accommodation, full board including drinking water, camping equipment rental, nature reserve entry fees and camping fees. The itinerary does not include extra services and special requests, such as fishing boat and scuba diving gear rentals and additional trips. These requests require extra payment.


We can also change the character of the stay and activities so that it corresponds to your own or the group’s wishes and fitness.

We are able to organize remarkable treks, fishing and scuba diving or adventurous trips with biologists and speleologists.

We cooperate only with the aborigines, who are professional guides skilled in natural science.

Based on your wishes, we can arrange rentals of 4x4 cars with experienced drivers, fishing boats, scuba diving gear and instructors.

We will also supply a complete camping gear including outdoor cooking equipment. You can choose to stay in the best hotel on Socotra or camp in the isolated places or directly in the wilderness.

Our guides speak fluent English.