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Travelling is a phenomenon of our time. We are exploring more and more exotic places, untouched by men. However, the means of travel, our destination and the overall conditions of our explorations influence our future more than we think.

For Socotra, ecotourism represents an important factor in local economy also with respect to the preservation of the island’s environmental and cultural heritage.


Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visits to various natural areas and respecting local environment, culture and contributing to the development of local economies.


The main rules of ecotourism:

·        Be informed: find a local guide, who respects and protects the local environment

·        Stay on tourist paths: you will eliminate damage to local environment (scaring animals, damage to plants)

·        Walk or use environmentally friendly means of transport: you will reduce environmental pollution

·        Avoid large groups: small groups do not have negative impact on the local environment (if behaving respectfully)

·        Get to know the local culture: you will understand the local rules and will not disturb the aborigines

·        Spend your money in local communities: it will be the local economy that will benefit from your money

·        Protect natural resources: do not waste water and do not keep electrical devices switched on all the time

·        Respect the environment: do not take any items from the natural areas, you will disrupt local environmental conditions

·        Protect your own environment: do not waste natural resources, respect local environment and get a deeper knowledge of nature