Doprava a servis

Transport and service

If you want to explore the island with experienced travellers, as an organized group of Czech tourists and minimize your travel expanses, this is the best choice for you! The program might be changed depending on individual requirements.

A local experienced ecotourism organization provides a ´full´ service including arranging visa formalities, rent a suitable 4x4 vehicles, experienced guides, drivers, full board , drinking water, all admissions and fees required for camping and visiting nature reserves and national parks, rental of tents, mattresses, etc.

We would love each visit to have a positive impact on the local residents and nature. The food is always prepared from fresh ingredients, rich seafood and, if possible, without the need for transportation

Currently, there are only three flights from Europe per week over Sana´a (Yemen) or once per week over Sarjah (SAE - easily accessible from Dubai). Socotra is touristically “active” from the second half of October until the end of April. It is also possible to visit Socotra in other periods, but it is not recommended because of the high temperatures, strong winds and numerous monsoon rains.
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