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Oman - 2016 - 2.4.-13.4.2016 13 days, 11 nights (3x hotel/resort, 7x camping, 1 night on a boat), excursions and time for relaxation - see below for details

We offer a great opportunity to explore Oman in a comfortable way and with excellent service. We offer a varied itinerary in a leisurely pace suitable for those who wish to tour Oman in a higher standard including full-board, drinks, rides in 4x4 vehicles and tried and trusted local guides. We chose the most interesting historical cities, clay fortresses, castles and villages and added easy trekking in the mountains and wadis. There is also time devoted to camping and relaxation on the beaches. The itinerary includes tour in the northern and central parts of Oman - see the map for more details.



After arriving to Muscat we will have some time to get used to the local conditions and spend the night in a hotel/apartments. We will visit Sultan's mosque on the following day and continue on a 5-day tour in the central area - Al-Dakhiliya. On our way, we will stop at the most interesting places, mountains, forts, towns and villages, such as the town of Nizwa - fort, markets, villages called Al Hamra - museum Bait Al Safah and Misfat Al Abryin, Jabreen Castle and the magical town of Bahla with one of the oldest forts. We will then trek to "Grand Canyon of Oman" - Jabal Shams, to the fertile mountains - Jabal Akhdar and we will refresh ourselves in the pristine wadi Damm. The night spent on the Wahiba Sands desert, camping in the wilderness and visit to Bedouin community will certainly be the highlights of our trip as well as an unforgettable experience for all of us. The 5-day camping trip will be followed by our stay in Turtle Beach Resort in Ras Al Jins area, which is perfectly situated for the purpose of our visit to Turtle Reserve.


Our itinerary will then take us along Oman's coast and through the most spectacular wadis. We will trek to the heart of Wadi Bani Khalid and Wadi Shab. We will certainly not miss Sur, which is a picturesque town with unique atmosphere also known for its production of wooden boats and fish markets. Finally, we will spend the night on the most beautiful Fins beach. Another point in our programme also offers a singular experience because we will visit the impressive Wadi Dayqah Dam Project and a beautiful sinkhole formed by limestone and land erosion - Hawiyat Najm, also known as "Daba Sinkhole". On our way back to Muscat we will spend a day and night on a boat (the boat is very well-equipped with AC, separate bedrooms, kitchen, two toilets and showers). During the day, we will go on a trip to the areas close to Muscat, take a boat trip to the Daymaniyat Islands, snorkel and observe the dolphins. We will spend the last day relaxing in the vicinity of Muscat - in ODC Resort. Finally, we will spend our last morning in Oman in the centre of Muscat and visit Sultan Qaboos's Palace, fish market and markets in Mutrah.

Gulf Diver Oman


The itinerary is only a recommendation and we can agree on changes according to group's wishes. The itinerary includes full-board and corresponds to the catering possibilities of the individual hotels, camps or other facilities and the boat, incl. drinks. There will be 4x4 vehicles at our disposal - 3 tourists per 1 vehicle, drivers - guides, all camping equipment, tents and matrasses. Please, do take your own sleeping bag (suitable for warmer weather should be sufficient), torches - solar batteries or headlamps. If necessary, extra power supplies and batteries for cameras and video cameras, important medicine, comfortable shoes, sunscreens and especially women - suitable clothes. Important notice - please be aware that it is not possible to get a visa if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport !!! Also, your passport expiration date must be 6 months and longer upon arrival. The visa will be arranged upon our arrival to Muscat, i.e. on arrival 20 OMR/person. Please, do not forget your travel insurance! I firmly believe that we will enjoy the magnificent Oman together in a leisurely pace and with great service. I look forward to seeing you.


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